Tamsyn Webb has had to grow up fast. There's no more fast food, no more lazing around in front of the telly. The end has arrived, and that safe old world is nothing but a fading memory. Dead people are up and walking the streets, mindless monsters that hunt the living.

One of the few safe places left in England is Gravesend, Kent. Once, it was a small village on the banks of the Thames, but now it's a fortress. Hundreds of starving, terrified survivors, barely able to keep the zombies out. The only thing between Tamsyn and millions of cannibals is a flimsy wall.

Tamsyn might only be seventeen, but she has already earned her place in Gravesend. Patrolling the town with her bow, she has faced down countless undead, dispatching them with uncanny accuracy. But it's getting hard to tell who the monsters are now – the ones beyond the walls of Gravesend, or those huddled behind them.

When Tamsyn learns of a possible cure for the zombie virus, there's only one option. She'll have to jump the wall, but nothing but her bow, a quiver-full of arrows, and the terror in her gut. But even if she gets back to Gravesend in one piece, Tamsyn might just doom them all…


Quiver is an adventure story suitable for teenage readers and older. If you liked The Hunger Games, The Stand or The Passage, this book is for you.

The Tamsyn Webb Chronicles are an exciting action series from Australian book publisher Argonautica Press

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